Before i start, let me recommend a couple of free online translators for the foriegn webpages linked.

Following up on some of the claims of Fritz Springmeier and David Icke that a castle named 'chateau des amerois' (castle of kings) is the location at which satanic rituals and child sacrifices are attended by royal dynasties lead me yet to no strong conclusions about satanic links but to some other interesting details and fascinating coincidences(if nothing more) that i've not heard mentioned by either author or anywhere else for that matter.

Information was scarce, perhaps due to the language barrier, perhaps due to secrecy/privacy of the chateau, which is situated in belgium close to the borders of france and luxembourg.

For those interested in the reptillian/satanic angle of Icke, hit the multimap link on that webpage, zoom in to the 25000:1 ratio to find a street at the location of the castle with the name 'rue du serpont'.

I discovered the owners of the castle were the Solvay family.
The first webpage translated also includes the account, "in the collective memory of the inhabitants of the close villages, the royal family is quite present."

Now the solvay family, it appears, are highly influential in the EU and practically own the pharmaceutical/chemical industry. They have an investment group, the chemical industry equivalent to halliburton or carlyle, with members of this group having visited bilderberg conferences.
"In 2002 its consolidated sales amounted to EUR 7.9 billion generated by its four sectors of activity: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics and Processing."

Solvay Investors Management
There are three Solvay's in the management staff.
Chairman Baron Daniel Janssen has attended bilderberg meetings in 1995 and 2000

And, Etienne Davignon, chairman of Bilderbergs for the last five years, and member for much longer, is also on the board of directors. He's also a former three time member at the trilateral commision.

Check the status of solvay's companies/groups/investments and you'll find that many are the largest/most 'succesful' in europe and the world. And there's plenty of them. Just enter solvay in google and you'll find 100's of links. Anyone aware of the potential danger of there power and products should be interested to learn that they're mass producers and distributers of fluoride and vaccines. And i'm sure theres lot's more i'm unaware of.

It should also be worth mentioning that the Solvay legacy begins with Ernest Solvay, famous industrialist, scientist and politician, who also presided over the creation of the 'Solvay School of Commerce' in 1903 at the university of brussels(which, incidentally, was founded by freemasons).

Now back to the claims of child sacrifice and satanic ritual taking us way off the medical investigation topic, but it had to be posted somewhere. We find on the bilderberg 2000 page an article 'Circle of Lorraine, Bilderberg and Sexual Predators' with mention of Baron Daniel Janssen(chairman of solvay) and Viscount Etienne Davignon. I recommend everybody take the time to read the entire article. Although reliability of the magazine is unknown and the translation is poor.

Circle of Lorraine, Bilderberg and Sexual Predators
"Remember that Etienne Davignon, Chairman of the occult group Bilderberg (see investigateur 64) is largely quoted as paedocriminel in this file as Maurice Lippens, boss of the group Fortis, who is also part of the Belgian delegation in Bilderberg, near persons that we find with Paul Van den Boeynants in the Circle of Lorraine, as Daniel Janssens of Solvay or Gerard Mestrallet, president of directoire Suez Lyonnaise des eaux and others that we find in the file KB-Lux (Kredietbank Luxemburg fraud file) as Jan Huygebaert, boss of the 'dioxiners' group Almanij."

Now, if it would be possible to obtain a clearer translation it would help greatly. I am unsure if circle of Lorraine simply refers to these people of the same locality or if it refers to a specific group/organisation/paedophile ring/cult. It's perhaps a leap to suggest that this has any significance, but as i could not find any information on the circle of lorraine i presumed it might instead be some reference to the cross of lorraine.

Another peculiar find was a movie i discovered whilst searching for information on the Solvay's called 'Nuda Per Satana' aka 'Nude For Satan' written, directed and edited by a man with at least three names, Luigi Batzella, Ivan Kathansky and Paolo Solvay.

The horror features a castle in the woods with an 'aristocratic looking Count'. It's another stretch, but I wonder about the name changes, if he changed it for that movie, and where he drew inspiration for the script. There's perhaps an abundance of similar movies?

I know this is a long post and some of it is incomplete or dubious but i thought it was interesting information if nothing else. If you can offer any clarity or extra info on any of the topics please don't hesitate.