Bonjour Nenki,

Il semble que le blackout électrique de la semaine passée cache quelque chose de beaucoup plus important.

Comme je surveille de très près les différents anomalies électromagnétiques ( je suis ingénieur en électronique), je suis en contact assez étroit avec le groupe Elfrad depuis plusieurs années.
Le groupe Elfrad est constitué d'ingénieurs gérant une série de stations de mesures
des signaux électromagétiques de très basse fréquences; ( un des domaines de prédilection de HAARP...),

En particulier le signal à 3Hz me semble particulièrement intéressant, il a commencé à 12h et a duré tout le temps du blackout. Une fréquence électromagnétique de 3Hz est "ramollissante" pour l'activité cérébrale. Étrange, c'est peut être pour cela qu'il y eu peu de problèmes sociaux.....
C'est peut être un test grandeur nature pour rendre les gens amorphe en cas de problème.....
Ce blackout a peut être été provoqué spécialement pour la circonstance....

Voici quelques extraits d'emails que j'ai reçu et qui me semblent intéressants ( j'en ai d'autres mais trop techniques)

Amitiés, Robert.

Yes we did Brenda. There was a 3 hertz pulse sequence which started at
12 noon EDT and continued until the time of the blackout. The pulses
resumed when power was restored. Very interesting. Also when the grid
went down, there was a very noticable variation in the DC amplitude of
the earth at this location.


Brenda Williams wrote:
> Did anyone get any significant pulses before the "lights went out up north"?
> Brenda

König found that with a range of field strengths, 1 to 5V/m, the "3Hz" signal consistently
slowed people's reactions and a "10Hz" signal consistently accelerated people's reaction times.

> Thanks for the info on the timing of the 3Hz signal. Do you have something
> we can look at?
> I noticed there was a brief blackout of ALL four GOES satellite data at
> about 11am. This blackout occurred during an unusual general increase in
> solar irradiance.
> Dave

A few items.
The ACE satellite which monitors the magnetosphere went down 4 hours prior to
blackout, and remained offline until a few hours after the blackout.

While the HAARP magnetometer was up and functioning, Anchorage was not.
Also the HAARP Ionosode went down at 1600 (same time as the ACE sat.) and
stayed off for 31 hours.

The Canadians stopped updating as of the 13th. The website is not available
at this time, however in the 2 days following the blackout, their information
was still not updated for the 14th on.
The Russians stopped updating at the start of the 14th.
Neither of these has resumed operations. No info available.
The Norweigans magnetometer definitely did show an anomaly in the few hours
leading up to the blackout.
Good luck finding any useful archives anywhere. (at least right now.)

Does not the auroral jet follow a great circle from Anchorage to Ottawa?

I realized there was no M or X class flares. But there was a broad increase over
the entire Sun in irradiance. Also, there was a data blackout on all 4 GOES satellites
about 5 hours before the power outage.

Charlie said he saw a clear 3Hz signal. Where did the signal come from and
why did all 4 GOES satellites miss data shortly before the 3Hz signal started?

I've noticed over the past couple of years that something else is occurring between
the Sun and Earth that modern science has not yet identified. I've noticed a clear correlation
between increases in solar irradiance and volcanic activity. It's as though the sun does
something that can heat the Earth from the inside out.

Whatever it is, it is not related to a CME or normal radiation from a solar flare.
There is something else going on. It may be a longitudinal magnetic wave or some such thing.
I haven't got my finger on it yet. Hopefully Charlie's data will help to shed some light on it.


Recommended spectrogram viewing from Mexico. Notice the almost pulse like
shots between 3 &4 Hz, and the activity after 2000, the time of the blackout.

<< >>

The 1600 UTC time is crucial. That's about when most of the satellites went
Goes 10,12, ACE, etc. Everything that would record this type of info.

ACE satellite blackout between 1545-1600, then 1715-2245.
ACE2 had big electron jump at 1600, then was bingo info until 2100.
Goes 12 data blackout 1547-1620

One hint here is to look at the TEC for this time period.
Sondrestrom Greenland's TEC more than doubled 15 min before blackout.
Wallops Island Virginia had a total blackout between 1215 and 1930, when the
TEC had doubled.
Point Arguello near Vandenburg AFB was bingo information for this between
1530 and 1900. It's TEC peaked at 2045.
Elgin AFB's TEC was spotty but rising, the high being at 2045 , until 2145
when it dropped precipitously.

Plenty of information out there. Except if you need it from the Russians of
course, their site was down for three days after the blackout.

I have posted the pulse bursts recorded by ELFRAD before and during
the North-East black out. This may be viewed at: and click on August 14,2021

Charlie Plyler


The image below for August 14, 2021 shows the HAARP waterfall plot of RF spectrum vs
time. This image shows that it is very likely that HAARP was actively transmitting at the
the approximate time of the cascade power failure, about 20:09 Z.

Save this graph:

It is apparent that HAARP was also operating before this time at a reduced power level
that may account for voltage fluctuations on the grid before the blackout. Was this a
test to see how HAARP could be used to take down a power grid? Was the failure in Russia
another test?

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