I received the following e-mail from subscriber Gary Val Tenuda: "These pictographs are located within 'area-51' satellite photos. These satellite photos are quite interesting but puzzling. The person who sent this to me assumed the geometric images were etched into the ground. But it looks to me like they've been superimposed onto the satellite photos. For instance, check out the one with the circles inside the triangle (second link below). Notice the lines of the geometric shapes are 'flat.' They don't seem to rise and fall with the topography of the land. Still, even if these geometries are superimposed upon the original photos, who did it and why?" Anyone have any ideas?

Couleur de la photo rehaussée avec photoshop.

Ci-bas la même photo sattellite élargie...
J'ai rehaussé l'image en lui donnant un peu de gain et moins de lumière. Assez évident. Les Illuminati ou "Initiés des Announakis" sont présents partout... même dans le désert

Source de la photo:,-116.868720&spn=